By availing the services of our company, The Online Marketing Group or visiting our website (www.onlinemarketinggroup.in) you offer your agreement to our terms and conditions. Hereafter the term site refers to www.onlinemarketinggroup.in, owned by the Online Marketing Group. We suggest that you read the terms and conditions stated below carefully and completely before using our services or visiting our site. We may revise our terms and conditions at any time with or without prior notice.

Information Usage

Partial or complete access to the information and the graphics or images used in the documents on our site is subject to following terms:
1. You may use the documents for personal and non commercial purposes.
2. You may not change or alter the information in the documents in any way, unless the copyright law allows you to do so. You may not use, download, copy, print, publish, license, post, transmit, share or upload any of the information from the site without the prior approval of the Online Marketing Group.

Liability Limitations

The Online Marketing Group will not be liable for any kind of damages caused directly or indirectly or for revenue, profit, data loss or any caused by you or other third parties, either due to an action in contract or use of the Site. As some of the jurisdictions do not include the above liability limitations, some limitations may not be applicable to you.

Eligibility for access to the site

Children who are under 18 years of age are not eligible to access or use our Site and we do not encourage them to submit any of their personal data to us.

Intellectual Property Right

Unless otherwise stated, we reserve the right to own intellectual property rights to our Site and the materials posted on our Site. We have complete rights over all the materials posted on our Site to use, reproduce, publish, adapt, translate and distribute or share it through any media and also own the right to sub license such rights.

Hosting and Domain Name Responsibility

Usage of other third party domain names, hosting and email services are up to the responsibility of clients only. They assure to protect the developer and hold the responsibility for any damages or loss caused by their publication of materials and usage of domain name, hosting and email services. Any outstanding payments or support/service to the domain name, hosting and email services are to be resolved only between the client and the third party service. In accordance to the developer’s requirement to upload the website as a part of a project if required, clients agree to disclose FTP or other access details to their domain name and hosting account.
We reserve the full right to disapprove working with any domain name or hosting and email services without any notice and reason.

Web Browser Assurance

Our developers shall make every effort to design sites that can be accessed by majority of users. Sites are designed to work well across all common browsers of the latest versions. However, our developers cannot assure correct site functionality across all browsers and operating systems.
We may not be responsible for any changes in the functionality and display of client’s website due to updated versions of browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, domain name or hosting set up changes. If so, our developers have full right to charge for website redesigning or website code modification to make it work as expected with updated browser versions, domain name or hosting changes.

Information Disclosure

Without the client’s consent, our developers and other third party associates will not disclose any confidential information to others at any time. Similarly, clients also accept not to share any confidential information about the company or the Site with other parties.